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beatmax pro interfaceWelcome to BeatMax Pro, thanks for checking out our website. I just found this cool way of making Rap beats and any other digital sound you can think of.

If I told you that there is a fully-fledged recording studio that you can access online without robbing a bank, would you be interested?

Whenever you are searching for a way to make hot rap beats and music on the Internet it is so difficult to find an affordable and complete solution that will allow you to focus on your creative side rather than forcing you to become a computer nerd in order to master complicated software. I am sure, you know what I am talking about…

We at BeatMax Pro know, that the right equipment and software is only one part but there is also the question of where to get hot and quality sound from, right? And then of course the question is how to assemble everything into a killer hot tune.

I know, the deeper you start looking into music production the more overwhelming it can be expensive equipment and components. On top of all that come the hours of training until you finally master everything to the point where you can get your first noise out of the speaker that can maybe steal a compassionate smile of your friends’ and family’s faces–if you are lucky.

Don’t be discouraged, there is a solution!

BeatMax Pro is proud to present Dub Turbo, a complete software solution features thousands of sounds and beats that are available for you to use as part of the software.

It has just been released and it is a complete DAW (digital audio WorkStation) that is so feature rich like a complete recording studio, yet so simple to use that you don’t need weeks and month to master it. The best part, you can access it online right now.

In less than an hour you can have your first track ready because the video tutorials make it super easy to get off the ground in no time. This makes it the preferred choice for beginners and pros alike.

Once you master the basics you can then make use of the more advanced components and features of the software by importing your own sounds and adding jaw-dropping effects. Imagine your friends’ face once he hears your beats, man!

As soon as you new musical masterpiece is finished, you can easily burn it on a CD and listen to it in the car or wherever you go.

This software app has been getting some amazing reviews and delivers the ultimate solution for anyone that is searching for was to make their own urban music as fast and easily as possible.

Click here to check out the fantastic video samples and start creating your own glowing hot beats today.

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